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Know before you vote: What does the school board do?

Every two years, voters go to the polls to vote for members Duval County School Board. But too often, these races are overshadowed by presidential, gubernatorial, and even other, more prominent local races. That’s why we work with a coalition of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about the importance of school board elections, and to inform voters about their choices through a questionnaire and candidate forums. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that we hear as we have been doing this over the last several election cycles.

JAX Chamber Teacher Fellowship Program connects teachers, students to workplace skills

Guest blogger Beth Pupke is the Workforce Development Coordinator at JAXUSA, a division of JAX Chamber. JAXUSA partners with JAX Chamber every year for the JAX Chamber Teacher Fellowship Program, which allows teachers to visit companies around town and see how their subject area is being applied in the workforce. Beth gives us some insights into what teachers learned during this year’s Teacher Fellowship Program!


Student feedback adds invaluable insights to afterschool program evaluation

I had the opportunity to attend a webinar given by the Tamarack Institute where Karen Pittman, the co-founder, president and CEO of Forum on Youth Investment, was interviewed about afterschool and summer learning. Pittman’s key message from that revelation was to always include the student’s voice, because they provide insight in ways that adults or other outsiders would not have. The student voice is both important and underutilized.