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Duval County School Board to vote on Superintendent's contract on March 3

If you've spent any time with our strategic plan or annual report, you know that visionary leadership is something we believe is vital to improving public education. On March 3, the Duval County School Board will take a vote on the superintendent's contact.

Continue reading to learn how you can share your thoughts on this important issue.

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In today's newspaper: What you said at the ONE by ONE Convention

Oneto One _Joshua Brangenberg 488In today's edition of The Florida Times-Union, our board chair shared some of the feedback received during the ONE by ONE Convention on January 31.

Keep reading to see what you had to say - and what's next.

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ONE by ONE, the transformative power of public education

The recent ONE by ONE Convention brought together educators, administrators, those in political office, clergy, community activists, parents and students; from elementary education to higher education, coming together in unity and solidarity to celebrate public education and the achievements of educators and administrators in Duval County Public Schools.

Local educator, William Jackson shares his thoughts on the transformative power of public education.

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Encouraging others to Discover Duval Schools

Kathy PoeLast week, I went on another Discover Duval Schools Tour and again, I was impressed with what I saw being taught in Duval public schools.  Have I been impressed with every school I've visited?  No.  But I can tell when I walk in a school which schools are just talking and I do the walking and the schools that "walk the talk."   

Hear from guest blogger, Kathy Poe on why you should join the upcoming school tours too.

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A Visit to Raines High School

Cindy EdelmanOn Wednesday, February 4, I spent an informative few hours on a Discover Duval Schools visit to Raines High School which really opened my eyes to the many different initiatives going on in Duval County Public Schools to help students achieve and be successful, either prepared for college or a career.

Cindy Edelman, one of our Board Members shares her experience at a local public school!

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