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RECAP — The role of mental health in powering students' potential

On June 30, more than 70 participants had the opportunity to hear from three local leaders in youth mental health reform who participated in a panel discussion about mental health support services in Duval County. After the panel, participants had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas about how to reduce the social stigma around mental health and how to take specific action to support our children experiencing these issues.



First round of FSA test scores released …. sort of

The Florida Department of Education today released 2015 Algebra I and 10th grade English/Language Arts FSA test score results, the first piece of information to be released on how Florida students did this year on the much-debated new assessments which replaced the previous FCAT 2.0 assessments.


The key takeaway for how students both locally and statewide did is … we’re still not really sure.