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Florida needs kids ready for the future!




Small Dominic Common CoreBetter for kids. Better for us all.
Workforce experts know that the best jobs of tomorrow will require workers who can solve problems, work in teams and make sense of complex situations. Common Core State Standards work backwards, grade-by-grade, from what modern careers and colleges expect, so students graduate ready to take up their roles in our economy.

A practical solution for today's mobile society.
We standardize some common and important things to make life, and travel, easier. For example, electricity outlets are the same shape and size across the country, no matter where you go. A set of common learning goals will help children who move into and out of Florida - such as military families - be successful in school. Common Core State Standards will make our state more military-friendly and more attractive to out-of-state businesses considering relocation.

A state-led initiative with common sense appeal.
Common Core State Standards were extensively researched and created by educators in an initiative led by state governors, not federal authorities, to agree on a short list of up-to-date learning goals.

More freedom for teachers, more critical thinking for students.
Educators like Common Core State Standards because they emphasize critical thinking skills, not rote memorization. Focusing on skills that can be learned in many different ways but don't dictate curriculum or instructional materials, Common Core State Standards give teachers more freedom in the classroom.

Florida adopted Common Core State Standards in 2010 because there is broad agreement that they are a clear but flexible way to focus on what really matters. In fact, Florida was a leader in making the case that our students would be at a disadvantage without these new, higher standards. Now, some lawmakers in Tallahassee are suddenly thinking about pulling out of the standards. Make sure they know that educators, citizens, businesses and parents support Common Core State Standards!

Make your voice heard!

>> Contact your legislators and the Florida Department of Education today.

Go on the Florida Department of Education website to review the standards and make your comments. Either let them know that you support the standards as adopted, or talk about a specific standard. Need some ideas? Let us know and we can make suggestions.

Then, write an e-mail to Gov. Scott, your state representative, senator and the Florida Department of Education. We make it easy - start here!

>> Talk to other people about the importance of Common Core State Standards.

Download this information in a PDF flyer and send it to your friends. Join us on Facebook to spread the word online.

>> Learn about our community meetings about the Common Core State Standards .

On October 17, Community Mobilization Director, Maira Martelo along with local Duval County public school teachers took a trip to Tallahassee. There they attended the Florida Department of Education hearing on the standards. 

Approximately 150 people participated in the community meetings on Common Core State Standards held October 21 and 28. We had great presentations by teachers Robyn White and Blair Nolan, who clearly explained how the Common Core State Standards are being used by teachers in classrooms throughout Duval County and the state. Get the entire recap here!

>> Check out the resources below to find a wealth of resources where you can learn about Common Core State Standards.

Consortium of Florida Education Foundations - The Florida Standards Overiview and Update

Florida Chamber of Commerce -  Frequently Misunderstood Questions about Florida's Standards

Duval County Council of PTAs - iAdvocate for Kids

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Edutopia - A comprehensive list of resources for understanding Common Core State Standards

Get to the Core - An interactive tool that shows what Common Core State Standards will mean for your child, grade by grade

NPR State Impact Florida - A comprehensive guide to the background of Common Core State Standards, why they are being implemented, and constantly updated news about what's happening with them in Florida.

Achieve the Core - Interactive resources for educators and parents.

National PTA - Parents' Guide to Student Success

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