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Understanding Duval's proposed boundary and program changes: Resources from the Jacksonville Public Education Fund

 In the fall of 2015, school district leaders and community members are reviewing an extensive proposal for changes to programs and boundaries for a wide swath of schools on the Westside and Northside, as well as parts of Arlington and the Southside. 

This page will keep you updated with the latest research, analysis and information gathered by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund as we work to inform and mobilize the community to advocate for universally high-quality public schools for all children.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund has not taken an official position on these changes. Right now, we are working to better understand them, and, as is customary for us, advocate for the inclusion of community voice in district decision-making. 

Do you have questions about what's happening, or ideas for our research team? Let us know! Email info@jaxpef.org to let us know your thoughts.


Latest news and blog posts

May 3 - School board takes action on two boundary changes, defers one until later in the month

April 5 - Next slate of boundary changes approved at Tuesday board meeting

February 2 - School board approves first slate of boundary changes

November 13 - Interactive visualization: Enrollment patterns in Duval County Public Schools

November 4 - Duval County Public Schools releases 2015-2016 Boundary Proposals including working groups meeting times and dates

October 29 - Latest updates on the proposed boundary and program changes

October 23 - RECAP: ONE by ONE Public Education Forum on school grades and boundary changes 

October 19 - All of the resources, information and action items from today's ONE by ONE meeting

August 28 - What's next for proposed boundary and magnet program changes


Research and downloads  

Interactive visualization: Enrollment patterns in Duval County Public Schools

One-page summary of proposed changes as of October 26, 2015 

PowerPoint presented by Dr. Vitti at the working group orientation on October 26, 2015

Memo to Superintendent and School Board summarizing output from the ONE by ONE Public Education Forum on October 19 


How to make your voice heard

Attend public meetings and contact decision-makers 

There will be a working group for every school substantially affected, and meetings are open to the public with a public comment portion.You can also comment at a school board meeting or voice your opinion to those below.

District 1 - The Honorable Cheryl Grymes | grymesc@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2371

District 2 - The Honorable Scott Shine | shinef@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2386

District 3 - The Honorable Ashley Smith Juarez | juareza1@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2239 

District 4 - The Honorable Paula D. Wright | wrightp@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2374

District 5 - The Honorable Connie Hall | hallc6@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2375

District 6 - The Honorable Becki Couch | couchr@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2373

District 7 - The Honorable Jason Fischer | fischerj@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2372

Superintendent Nikolai P. Vitti | vittin@duvalschools.org | (904) 390-2115

Not sure what school board district you live in? Look up your address here: www.duvalelections.com/Voter-Information/Precinct-Finder. 

Learn about existing options

Not sure what school your child is currently zoned for? Search by address at jaxpef.org/learn to find out and see academic information about each school.

To find current magnet programs and other school options, contact the School Choice Office at www.duvalchoice.com or call (904) 390-2082. Consider registering for a Discover Duval Schools tour at discoverduval.com

Who to contact

To find out more about the proposals and the working groups, contact Pearl Roziers, Assistant Superintendent, Office of School Choice at (904) 390-2082. 

For more information

See below for an snapshot of the proposed changes by school affected. Use the drop down list in the top right corner to toggle between schools.