What is Parents Who Lead?

Parents Who Lead teaches parents/caregivers who want to improve the lifelong health, safety and learning of children, how to become change agents. Parents Who Lead is:

  • An initiative that seeks to turn parents/caregivers into civic leaders.

  • A training ground in civics and democracy.

Benefits of Parents Who Lead

  • Grads have a direct impact and put their skills into practice right away, volunteering an average of two hours weekly.

  • Learn valuable leadership skills by achieving in leadership roles on local PTA, SACs, PACs or advisory boards.

  • Create a better life for children in your community by developing or participating in programs, foundations and projects.

  • Change laws and policies for the benefit of all families.

  • Make a real difference in the health, happiness and success of children in your community.

How do I apply for the program?

To apply, click the button below and complete the application.

Parent Leaders are offered 20 training sessions using the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) curriculum which is built on adult learning practices. The sessions offered include:

  1. A retreat to develop group and define mission.
  2. 10 sessions on parent leadership with focus on voice, difference, values, and problem definition.
  3. 10 sessions on how change occurs for children including best practice, data analysis and model policy.
  4. Action/engagement community project.

Apply Today

The deadline to apply is August 3, 2018.


Click the button to access the online application. If you have any issue accessing the application online, you can download and print the paper application. Completed paper applications can be emailed to Dr. Maira Martelo at maira@jaxpef.org or dropped off at Jacksonville Public Education Fund (40 East Adams Street). You can also nominate someone who fits the profile of the program and submit the application on their behalf.

If you have any other questions, please contact Dr. Maira Martelo (904-535-7143) or maira@jaxpef.org so arrangements can be made. 

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. 


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