Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What communication do I need to have with my school administration before I submit my PowerUP Jax application?

    It is extremely important that you have conversations with your school administrator(s) about your proposed project before submitting it to PowerUP Jax. This will ensure that you have approval to actually enact the project you have proposed. Discuss not only the goals and timelines of the project, but also what you and the students will actually be doing with the supplies ordered.

  2. What is the Community First Innovation Prize?

    Each year, one grant awardee will be chosen as the winner of the Community First Innovation Prize.  This teacher will receive an additional cash prize of $1,000. The Community First Innovation Prize will be presented at the 2017 EDDY Awards in February. Lead sponsor Community First Cares Foundation believes in seeding innovation and rewarding creativity among public school teachers.

  3. How does the "Lightning Round" work?

    Once the PowerUP Jax grants have been awarded, the "Lightning Round" will begin. A summary of each teacher’s grant application will be posted on the Jacksonville Public Education Fund's Facebook page, where community members can vote for their favorite. The project with the most votes during the "Lightning Round" will automatically receive an additional $150 toward their project.

  4. How will I go about spending my money?

    JPEF staff will provide a check for each teacher's respective schools based upon the question listed on the grant application (“How will you spend your funds?”). It's each teacher's responsibility to provide the check to their bookkeepers to ensure the funds are spent by June 2, 2017.
  5. Who officially owns the items purchased through my PowerUP Jax grant?

    Supplies funded through the PowerUP Jax grant are considered property of Duval County Public Schools. If you leave the school at some future date, those items will remain.
  6. What is the difference between the current PowerUP Jax and the previous version?

    The new and improved PowerUP Jax is different from the previous version in three particular ways. First of all, we have opted to have one cycle. Previously, we had two cycles - one in the spring and one in the fall - with 10 winners from each contest. Spring cycle winners had a very short deadline to use their funds. We have decided that one cycle will give teachers the time to spend the funds they win this school year. Second, teachers can now have items ordered from anywhere. Previously, teachers were limited to an approved list of vendors, which often stifled innovation. Third, the role of crowd-funding has changed from being the main way that grants are evaluated to more of a supportive role. This creates a more equitable way of evaluating grant applications and ensure that teachers get to spend more time being creative and less time fundraising.

  7. What if I need more than $500?

    Teachers are welcome to reapply for the PowerUP Jax grants each year. Being awarded a grant does not limit future participation. In fact, you may find that your project could be made even more successful by applying for additional funds!
  8. What are my responsibilities after I receive my materials?

    By accepting the grant, you agree to complete your project during the current school year and to submit the “End of Project Report” to JPEF by June 2, 2017. This is a simple report that includes a brief evaluation of the project, which may include supporting artifacts such as student work, photographs, or testimonials.