2018 Duval County School Board Elections - District 2 Winner 

Elizabeth Andersen is the new School Board member representing District 2, which includes the Beaches.  

Elizabeth Andersen

Elizabeth Andersen

Meet Elizabeth Andersen. She is a former Duval County Public Schools educator, current small business owner, mental health counselor, wife, and mother. Raised in Arlington, she attended Arlington Heights Elementary School, Arlington Middle School, and Terry Parker High School. Andersen obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Florida. After graduation, in search of a meaningful and fulfilling career path, she decided to become an educator. Andersen taught in Alachua County for one year, but Jacksonville ultimately called her home. She continued her teaching career in Duval County, and taught English at both Terry Parker High School and also at Edward H. White High School. She served as a lead teacher and model classroom and had the opportunity to participate in curriculum writing and development. As a result, she has a clear understanding of the rigorous academic demands on both teachers and students.

Andersen love for children and a desire to have a deeper impact in their lives inspired her to pursue a path toward counseling, so she began simultaneously teaching and working toward a Master of Science degree in Mental Health from the University of North Florida.

In 2012, Andersen started working in community mental health at The Child Guidance Center. During her time with Child Guidance, she has served in a variety of positions working with children and families in their homes and in their schools. In 2014, after receiving her state License in Mental Health Counseling, Andersen opened her own small business, Foundations Therapy Jax, where she work part time in private practice serving the beaches communities, specializing in children and families. She manage this small business, continuing to work on the frontline as a Clinician and Supervisor at The Child Guidance Center, all while maintaining her State of Florida teaching certificate.

Duval County Public Schools faces a fresh set of challenges for the coming year, as the new Superintendent and School Board members must fill a $62 million budget deficit, all while increasing academic performance and ensuring the mental health and safety of our students. The recent school shootings in our country are evidence that we are failing to provide today’s students with the mental support they need in order to grow into healthy, productive citizens, and my experience and expertise will help guide the board’s difficult discussions and decisions around these topics.

“If elected, I will be the voice for the mental health of our children, a partner with our community’s most valuable organizations, and won’t stop advocating for every child’s holistic growth.”



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