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2018 Duval County Teachers of the Year: Their Unique Perspective on Teacher Quality

What is a high-quality teacher? The Jacksonville Public Education Fund surveyed Duval County school-level Teachers of the Year to learn how they define a high-quality teacher. Three key themes emerged—a high-quality teacher should be able to (1) understand the individual needs of their students, (2) build strong relationships with students and their families and (3) drive positive academic results.

How Is Teacher Quality Measured?

In Duval County public schools, teachers are evaluated through the "value-added model," which aims to measure the impact a teacher has on student achievement. Based on research from around the country, JPEF recommends three improvements to this approach, including adding student and parent feedback into the mix.

New research paper looks at the vital role of the superintendency in today's context

Improving outcomes for Duval’s public school students means a brighter and more vibrant future for our city. And a strong leader for our public school system is a vital component of that. 

This Issue Review examines the last Duval superintendent search conducted in 2012 and also explores some best practices employed across the U.S. that could help the Duval County School Board as they work to appoint a successor.