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Annual poll shows big support for increase in teacher salary, growth in uncertainty during transition

Duval County residents support significant increases in teacher salary but are uncertain about who is making the decisions at the district level, according to results of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s annual Public Education Perceptions Poll.

New research paper looks at the vital role of the superintendency in today's context

Improving outcomes for Duval’s public school students means a brighter and more vibrant future for our city. And a strong leader for our public school system is a vital component of that. 

This Issue Review examines the last Duval superintendent search conducted in 2012 and also explores some best practices employed across the U.S. that could help the Duval County School Board as they work to appoint a successor. 

New poll shows high community and parent confidence in public school teachers

The 2016-2017 Public Education Perceptions Poll is out today! What did we learn? Keep reading to find out and see how you can explore all of the data online.

New research paper looks at racial and economic integration in public schools

On the heels of the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, and with so much in the news lately about racial and economic diversity in public schools, we wondered: How diverse are public schools in Duval County?

This Issue Review looks at the data and explores some possible implications for Duval County, especially with new school choice legislation that is likely to begin having an impact on local schools over the next several years.

Keep reading to download the full report and explore interactive maps with data on every public school in our city.

2015 Public Education Perceptions Poll: Most Duval County residents unaware of improvements to the graduation rate

undefinedDuval County residents are on average four years behind when it comes to perceptions of the graduation rate, according to results of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s annual Public Education Perceptions Poll.

A new question this year asked poll respondents what they thought the current Duval County high school graduation rate was, and the average response was 61 percent. Duval’s graduation rate is currently 74 percent. It was 63 percent in 2011.

Keep reading to learn more and see full poll results.


2014 Public Education Perceptions Poll: Strong support for standards, but confusion about accountability

PropertyTaxOur new public opinion poll shows that Duval County residents support a broad range of current and potential initiatives to improve public education, and the district's leadership team continues to earn confidence in the community.

Keep reading to download the poll and see interactive visualizations of the results.

inBRIEF Issue 7: School Choice

PB7Cover ThumbnailThe landscape of school choice options in public education has been expanding faster than ever. With this expansion has come an unprecedented array of decisions for parents and caregivers to navigate in determining the best type of school for their children.

A new policy brief by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund examines the complex system of school choice in Duval County, and how parents find their way through it.

Join us for the release of Complex Choices: How Parents Navigate School Options in Duval County  -- keep reading to download the report and register for a live webinar!

inBRIEF Issue 6: Understanding and Updating School Grades for Florida's Future

PB6 CoverThe Jacksonville Public Education Fund is pleased to announce the release of inBRIEF Issue 6: Understanding and Updating School Grades for Florida's Future.

In this report, we examine Florida's school grading system and make recommendations on ways to modernize the system to make school grades more meaningful and understandable for parents and community members.

Keep reading for more information and to download the report.

New poll shows broad community support for education improvement

Whats New -December -Poll SnapshotA new poll released today by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund shows broad support in the community for education improvement efforts - both current and potential.

Keep reading to learn more or download a full copy of the report.

What's New on School Facts Jax: Understanding the new School Grades

Whats New -Aug 2013-New School GradesThere has been a lot of confusion around the recently released 2013 school grades for elementary and middle schools. As Florida prepares for a transition to Common Core standards, and an accompanying host of more difficult tests, the state has made a number of adjustments to the way students and schools are evaluated over the past few years.

We've pulled together all the data for every elementary and middle school in the state to make it easier for you to see what your school's grade is, whether or not it was adjusted due to the "safety net" rule and, if so, what it would have been without the safety net.

>> Go straight to the data.