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DCPS leaders missed opportunity in case of Kernan Middle School teacher

Though Swinyar will not be teaching in the classroom anymore, cutting ties completely would have been a more appropriate display of leadership.

New interactive visualization: Enrollment patterns in Duval County Public Schools


In August, Superintendent Nikolai Vitti announced several proposed boundary and program changes. Part of the rationale behind these changes is that enrollment throughout the district has changed, and our boundaries must change to promote efficient use of facilities and resources. Twenty-two schools in the district would be impacted by the proposed changes. 

Continue reading to explore visualizations about Duval County Public Schools enrollment patterns.

Gallup Student Poll Results

Our latest "What's New" highlights the results from the Gallup Student Poll. The 20-question survey completed by 5th through 12th students in Duval County Public Schools, measures the socio-emotional factors of hope, engagement, and well-being, which have been shown to impact students’ grades, academic achievement, retention, and future employment success.

Continue reading to learn more about how students rated their hope, engagement and well-being at your local school.


What’s New: 2014 End of Course Exam Results

EOCExams_061914The Florida Department of Education recently released 2014 results for End of Course Exams  (EOC) in Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History, and Civics.

This year, compared to the large urban districts across the state, Duval County's performance was lower than the others, however there were several areas of growth at the district level to share.

What's New: A New Way to Look at School Grades

At the recently held Education Accountability Summit, dozens of state education leaders and activists met to help shape Florida's path forward in several key areas of education accountability and improvement. One was the topic of school grades.  The current school grading system measures performance predominantly in two ways: proficiency and growth.

Florida has already placed an emphasis on keeping track of both, which can each be very meaningful and useful for different purposes. When both types of measures are combined and reported as a single score, it becomes confusing to separate out what is a reflection of the work the school is doing versus what may be a reflection of external factors that students bring to school with them.

What's new on School Facts Jax: End of Course Exam results

SFJ-Whats New -July Screencap (1)The Florida Department of Education recently released 2013 results for End of Course Exams (EOCs) in Geometry, Biology and U.S. History. In general, Duval County performed below the statewide average in Geometry and U.S. History, and equal to the statewide average in Biology.

Go directly to the data to explore the percentage of students passing the EOCs in each subject area for the state, Duval County, and the six other largest counties in the state.

Relative to the other large districts in the state, Duval County performed best in Biology, outpacing Miami-Dade, Hillsborough and Broward counties.  In Geometry and U.S. History, Duval is lagging behind the other large districts - though they are all within 12 percentage points of each other across both tests.

What’s New: Teacher Satisfaction and Retention - In Their Own Words

We surveyed nearly 600 teachers currently working in Duval County Public Schools and asked them about their background, career intentions, job satisfaction, and what issues or incentives would have the most influence on their decision to remain in the classroom long-term.  The full report of all of the results from this survey is available here.

Click here to go straight to the data.