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School board interviews superintendent finalist Dr. Pruitt

The school board concluded its interviews of superintendent finalists with Erick Pruitt, Area Superintendent of Houston Independent School District (HISD). Dr. Dunsmore, Superintendent of Wayne County Public Schools, was interviewed on Wednesday and Dr. Greene, Superintendent of School District of Manatee County, was interviewed yesterday.

What do we expect from our next Superintendent?

Our community has a shared obligation to work toward a brighter future for our city. Learn more about what Jacksonville residents believe the next superintendent’s priorities should be, the most important characteristics they expect in the next Duval County Superintendent and what they would like the next leader of Duval’s public schools to know about our community.


First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

As part of its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FCHCC) awarded ten local Latino students with scholarships to continue their education.

Jason Bloom, an example of discipline and determination

undefinedEd White principal Jason Bloom spoke to us about the challenges of implementing a new military leadership program and leading a school to excellence. The job of a principal, as Bloom describes it, is a lifestyle that is never limited to the classroom. 

Supporting Duval's rapidly growing linguistically and culturally diverse student population

undefinedIn April, Duval County Public Schools held a multicultural education symposium. Keep reading for a guest post by Christine Dahnke about the conference and what they learned.

The Power of a Good Conversation

Community Mobilization Director, Maira Martelo shares that the critical element to make community conversations actionable are the questions we use to frame the dialogue. At the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, we use a kitchen table conversation format that requires diverse voices being represented.

Learn more about ONE by ONE community led conversations taking place now.

The power of a good principal

After many years of helping our children achieve their highest potential, Dr. Sylvia Johnson is retiring as the principal of West Riverside Elementary School, one of the hidden gems in our district. Continue reading to learn about the power of a good principal.

Big Ideas Fest: Disruptive and provocative ideas that change the world

We all can change the world! Dr. Maira Martelo recently had the incredible privilege of attending the 2015 Big Ideas Fest in San Jose, California. The Big Ideas Fest is an annual event in which educators from different parts of the world and background gather to build feasible solutions to improve education in the world. Continue reading to learn more about Maira's experience and how it connects to improving public education.

Chat with the Supe, another opportunity for community engagement

“Chats with the Supe” is a new initiative of the school district to engage in an informal conversation with our Duval County Public Schools Superintendent. With Dr. Nikolai Vitti approaching his three year anniversary on the job in November, these informal conversations are an opportunity for the general public and those who support public education to discuss key issues.



Baptist Health is focused on dispelling stigmas surrounding mental illness

Guest blogger, Cortney D. Surrency of Baptist Health shares information about a free community event to dispel stigmas surrounding mental illness. Learn more about the efforts being made to bridge the gap between clergy, faith leaders and mental health professionals.