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Millennials in the Teaching Profession

Teaching has largely lost its luster to the millennial generation, with declining enrollment in colleges of education across the country. 

According to JPEF's 2017-18 Public Education Perceptions Poll, millennials residing in Jacksonville believe, on average, that teachers deserve a significantly higher salary than community members who are 65 and older.

How can education systems recruit and retain new teachers from the millennial generation? This one-pager offers three recommendations:

  1. Offer more opportunities for advancement and growth in the profession, without forcing teachers to fully leave the classroom.
  2. Update the profession to reflect the Millennial generation of employees that are populating the workforce with advanced technology, creative control, etc.
  3. Attach advancement and growth to increased pay like high-quality teachers in Washington, D.C. public schools who have the potential to earn a six figure salary in their first seven years of teaching.

Download the one-pager