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About Teacher Roundtable

It's an initiative designed for and led by public school teachers in Duval County.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s Teacher Roundtable elevates the voices of Duval County’s best public school teachers while empowering them to help each other and educate the community about the importance of high-quality instruction in public education. Through this initiative, the teachers who participate in our existing programming efforts, especially the EDDY Awards teacher of the year recognition program, came together to further strengthen their capacity for advocating for high-quality public education.

Teachers have been part of the Teacher Roundtable Steering Committee and have emphasized how important it is to have an independent organization like The Jacksonville Public Education Fund spearheading this initiative.

RSVP today for Teacher Roundtable Part C!

On March 13, we'll host the third part of the three-part series of conversations and action planning on a topic chosen by teachers in the spring: teacher leadership. RSVP to Kelly Scott at kelly@jaxpef.org.

Our goal is to elevate the voices of teachers

The goals of the Teacher Roundtable are to elevate the voices of teachers in community and district discussions about improving public education, support teachers in being their own advocates and connect teacher leaders to the community through speaking engagements and other opportunities. 

Spring 2016 - Instructional Autonomy

- Read the memo issued by teachers who participated in the Spring 2016 Roundtable.

Fall 2015 - Professional Development

- Read the memo issued by teachers who participated in the Fall 2015 Roundtable. 

Spring 2015 - Accountability

- Read the memo issued by teachers who participated in the first Roundtable.

- Check out the Teacher Roundtable op-ed that was published in the Florida-Times Union.

To learn more about Teacher Roundtable contact Kelly Scott, Teacher Roundtable Coordinator at kelly@jaxpef.org.