Adam Taylor is a consultant at Darryl Richardson, LLC, where he provides "research-based expertise and exceptional practice consultations that focus on supporting equitable systemic change, leadership practices that utilize student and school data to support the equitable distribution of resources to ensure all students are college and career ready."

Mr. Taylor has over 25 years of operational, planning, administration, and financial management experience with various school districts. He's served as superintendent at Rutland City Public Schools for two years, and before that, was the executive director and regional superintendent at West Contra Costa Unified School District. 

Taylor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and has a Master of Arts in Education from Patten University in California.

“As a leader, I guaranteed results for all students by enrolling my son in my school, thus having “skin in the game”. This decision meant that my leadership had to deliver results based on the expectations I have for my son. As I have said, if a school isn’t good enough for my son, then it’s not good enough for anyone else’s,” Taylor says.





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