Apryl Shackelford - 2013 EDDY Finalist


Shackelford _Apryl



Northwestern Middle School


M.ED., University of Phoenix; Curriculum and Instruction

B.S., Everest University; Criminal Justice





  • Young Ladies Lead Advisor, Fabulous Young Ladies, Innovative, Responsible and Educated (F.I.R.E)
  • Northwestern Middle School SAC Chair
  • Northwestern Middle School Lead Reading Teacher

Ms. Shackelford's teaching philosophy is based on a belief that all children can learn; that it is incumbent on the teacher to understand how to reach and motivate them.  Ms. Shackelford's personal life experiences have given her the capacity to deal with the myriad issues many of her students bring with them into the classroom that often serve as a hindrance to learning.  Although she is always prepared to help, Ms. Shackelford does not allow any of her students to make excuses.  Instead, she holds them to a high standard and with that expectation comes responsibility.

All of Ms. Shackelford's instruction is data driven so that students know when they have reached benchmarks and when they need to review in order to reach a target.  She continuously encourages her students while providing them with the skills to take charge of their own learning.  As a result, all of her students make significant gains from the time they enter and leave her class.

Her greatest reward, Ms. Shackelford says, comes from her involvement in her mentoring group F.I.R.E.  Through this program, young ladies focus on values like honesty, caring, respect, responsibility and confidence.  As a result, they become strong and confident which translates not only to success in the classroom, but in life.

"As students enter the classroom, Apryl attacks the emotional level of learning; therefore, students engage their minds for advanced learning…(and) student achievement is accelerated."

Dr. Marvin McQueen


Northwestern Middle school




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.