Scott Cason - 2013 EDDY Awards Finalist


Cason _Scott



Mandarin High

AP World History, AICE US History, World Religions


Ph.D., The Florida State University; Religions of Western Antiquity

M.Div., Emory University; Religion

B.S., Lee University; Education




  • Schultz Center; New AP World History Training
  • Schultz Center; AP World History District PLC
  • Schultz Center; AP World History District Review for Students
  • Mandarin High School; AP World History PLC Leader
  • Jacksonville University and Florida State College at Jacksonville; Online course development
  • Textbook authorship;Introduction to ReligionsandWorld Religions

Dr. Cason sees his obligation as an educator to introduce his students to the idea that they are global citizens whose lives are inextricably linked to world affairs. His belief that the economic well-being of the global marketplace will only improve when all citizens of the world have access to a great education drives his motivation to empower his students to learn and think for themselves.

In order to create independent thinkers, Dr. Cason introduces "the big question" as a part of each lesson, leading students to see issues of history and current affairs from multiple perspectives. He sees his role as a guide, to provide his students with information necessary to formulate their own opinions in ways that are persuasive and well-informed.

Dr. Cason also works to reach his students through things they find interesting and relevant.  He uses gaming techniques and even allows students to use their cell phones in class. Dr. Cason creates polling questions that students respond to with a text.  Responses are immediately posted online to the classroom site so that students see results in real time and they often engage in a game to see who posts the most original comment to the question.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, Dr. Cason sees training teachers outside the classroom as one of the most rewarding parts of his job as an educator. He is involved in many professional training communities, mentors young teachers and has authored on-line curriculum and textbooks at the college level.

"We are deeply honored to have this experienced teacher on our faculty… This is a teacher who will always be remembered by his students as a powerful influence in their lives."

-Dr. Donna A. Richardson, Principal of Mandarin High School




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.