inBRIEF Spring 2012: College & Career Readiness in Duval County


inBRIEF Spring 2012In less than a decade, 6 in 10 jobs in Florida will require some postsecondary education.

How many students in Duval County are ready for that future? And what are our local schools doing to prepare more students for college and the workforce?

These are the questions tackled in the latest policy briefing from the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, "To Graduation and Beyond: College & career readiness in Duval County." Released May 7, the brief finds:

• Duval County Public Schools has raised graduation standards beyond state requirements, and increased by 50 percent both enrollment in career and technical programs and the number of students passing AP, IB or AICE exams.
• More students from Duval County Public Schools are enrolling in college after graduation.
• Critical areas of reform are needed to create a strategic and supportive college access pipeline for all students in DCPS and beyond.
• There is no agreed-upon definition of college and career readiness, and no comprehensive, unified system for tracking student outcomes beyond graduation.

As a community, we must commit to treating public education as an important investment in our city's future. Our children and our economic prosperity depend on it.

Download the brief in PDF by clicking here.


Want to help more of our kids graduate from college? Take action today:

• Mentor a child. Encourage them to think about their education beyond high school. Offer help in applying to college. Click here to find out how.
• Volunteer to help a high school student make the transition to college. Or encourage them to attend an upcoming FAFSA workshop through the City of Jacksonville and the Indo-US Chamber of Commerce. See the dates here.
• Write your school board member and thank them for adding more guidance counselors back to the most recent DCPS budget. Duval County needs more guidance counselors to help students make the transition to college, and the school board recently voted to restore funding that would add more guidance counselors. Find their contact information here.

Find out more

More information, links, resources and citations from the brief can be found below. For any additional questions or to schedule a media interview, call us at (904) 356-7757.
Duval County Graduation Requirements and Options:
DCPS High School Graduation Requirements
DCPS Guidance Services 
DCPS College Planning Information:
DCPS High School Acceleration Programs
DCPS Multiple Pathways and Support Services
DCPS Career and Technical Education (CTE)
DCPS Career Academies
DCPS CTE Programs of Study offered
Statewide Graduation and College Enrollment Info: Homepage
Florida State High School Graduation Requirements
FCAT and College Entrance Tests
Florida Department of Education, Career Academies
Florida Department of Education, Career and Adult Education
Florida State University System Admissions Requirements
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Information
Local College and University Admissions Requirements:
Florida State College at Jacksonville
University of North Florida
Jacksonville University
Edward Waters College
University of Florida
Florida State University
Local and State College Access Assistance Programs:
The Jacksonville Commitment
Mayor Brown's College Student Aid Workshops
Hicks Prep Club
Florida College Access Network
Additional Policy Brief Data Sources
Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) Homepage
FETPIP High School Reports
National Student Clearinghouse Homepage
Florida College System, November 2011 Dual Enrollment Report
National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTE)
NASDCTE Information on Career Clusters
Additional Supporting Resources:
National High School Center, Developing Early Warning Systems to Identify Potential High School Dropouts
Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools, Graduation Tracker





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