Meet the Team: Yuka Yamazoe


Yuka (Yukako) Yamazoe brings a wealth of diverse experience in programming and event management to the Jacksonville Public Education Fund. Previously serving as a Program Associate at Japan Society in New York, a renowned nonprofit organization fostering mutual understanding between the US and Japan through art presentations, lectures, and educational programs, Yuka played a pivotal role in the Performing Arts Program. The program curated a diverse array of artists, ranging from world-class contemporary performers to esteemed National Treasures. Among her many responsibilities utilizing her bilingual skills, Yuka adeptly navigated the complex process of obtaining artists' visas, ensuring the smooth execution of the programs at the Society. 

Her journey into education was ignited by the gift of motherhood, coupled with collaborative endeavors with the education department at Japan Society. Upon relocating to vibrant Florida, Yuka transitioned to the Jacksonville Public Library, where she further honed her skills in logistics, event management, and communication as an Event Specialist. Her tenure at JPL reaffirmed her passion for child education, prompting her quest for an opportunity to play a more substantial role in program development. 

Yuka is thrilled to join the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, where she eagerly anticipates contributing her expertise to the organization that provides invaluable information and support to young learners and their families. With her diverse background and unwavering commitment to education, Yuka is poised to make a meaningful impact in her new role to help foster educational opportunities and nurture the growth of future generations.

Tell us about yourself and how you came to JPEF.

I joined the Jacksonville Public Education Fund because I sought an opportunity to contribute to making child education accessible by providing information in every possible way. Every child is unique, and information serves as a powerful tool for navigating the education system successfully and finding a school that suits each child's needs. 

Why does public education matter to you?

Public education holds significance for me because public schools reflect our society. 

Tell us about a teacher that impacted your life.

It is hard for me to single out a teacher who has impacted my life significantly. Throughout various stages of my life, there have been (and continue to be) numerous educators whom I deeply appreciate for their guidance and support.




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