School board approves strategic plan


SB SpeakersAt their meeting tonight, the Duval County School Board approved its new Strategic Plan that will guide our schools into the future.

In many ways, it was a typical meeting, with recognitions for students who have achieved great accomplishments and discussions of bills currently before the Legislature.

Then, something extraordinary happened. One by one, dozens of people filed into the Duval County Public Schools auditorium to show their support for the kind of document that has a lot of importance but typically too little attention.

But there's something different about this plan: It was created with the input of thousands of people all across Duval County. You can read the full plan in this PDF.

The School Board and Superintendent Vitti listened to community feedback, with the plan reflecting most of the priorities contained in the ONE by ONE Community Agreement.

The excitement of that collaborative spirit was the focus of the many ONE by ONE delegates who spoke at the meeting's public comment portion.

So tonight, after unprecedented school and citizen collaboration to decide where our schools need to go, the Duval County School Board voted unanimously to approve this new Strategic Plan!

Send the school board a note of thanks for working with the community on this plan - click here to get started.

In the eloquent words of delegate and ONE by ONE featured student Travis Pinckney, "a new narrative is being written about Duval County Public Schools, and everyone in our community has the chance to be a co-author."

-- Deirdre




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.