What's new on School Facts Jax: End of Course Exam results


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The Florida Department of Education recently released 2013 results for End of Course Exams (EOCs) in Geometry, Biology and U.S. History. In general, Duval County performed below the statewide average in Geometry and U.S. History, and equal to the statewide average in Biology.

In the graphic below you will find the results for the percentage of students passing the EOCs in each subject area for the state, Duval County, and the six other largest counties in the state.  In each graph, Duval County is shown in red and the statewide average is in black.  Use the drop-down menu to the right of the graphic to switch between tests and hover your mouse over the bars for more information.

Relative to the other large districts in the state, Duval County performed best in Biology, outpacing Miami-Dade, Hillsborough and Broward counties.  In Geometry and U.S. History, Duval is lagging behind the other large districts - though they are all within 12 percentage points of each other across both tests. 


Within the district, several schools can be highlighted for their specific results in Geometry, Biology and U.S. History. It is noticeable that 99% of students at Mandarin Middle School and 99% of students at Stanton College Preparatory performed at grade level or above in Geometry and Biology, respectively. In the case of U.S. History, Duval Virtual Instruction Academy was among the schools performing above the districtwide average, with 54% of students passing that EOC.

Below are some of this year's top performing schools based on the percentage of students passing each exam:

Biology EOC:

  • Stanton College Preparatory: 99%
  • Darnell Cookman Middle/Senior High School: 96%
  • Paxon School for Advanced Studies: 92%
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts: 92%

Geometry EOC:

  • Mandarin Middle School: 99%
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School: 97%
  • Arlington Middle School: 97%
  • Landmark Middle School: 96%
  • Stanton College Preparatory: 92%
  • Oceanway School: 91%

U.S. History EOC:

  • Duval Virtual Instruction Academy: 54%
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts:53%
  • River City Science Academy: 53%
  • Duncan U. Fletcher High School: 52%
  • Mandarin High School: 50%





of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.