2011 School Grades

Today, 2011 School Grades for Elementary and Middle Schools were published on the state DOE website for middle and elementary schools across Florida. (Final high school grades will be not be available until the fall.)
Below are a few key points of interest about this year's results compiled by Jason Rose, our Director of Data and Policy.
· There were 48 "A", 29 "B", 42 "C", 16 "D" and 5 "F" schools in Duval County (not including high schools).
· 26 schools improved 1 or more letter grade from last year, including Pinedale Elementary which went from an "F" in 2010 to an "A" in 2011 (no other school in the district improved more than 2 letter grades). 
· At the Intervene schools, North Shore K-8 improved from an "F" in 2010 to a "D" in 2011. Final grades for the three high schools have not been released yet, but their Differentiated Accountability status will be judged solely on the FCAT component of their grade. By that standard, Jackson regressed (down 1 point from last year), Ribault improved slightly (up 6 points from last year), and Raines improved slightly more (up 31 points from last year).

High school grades are expected sometime this fall.

Meanwhile, the fat of the Intervene schools hangs in the balance. According to The Florida Times-Union, none of the schools received enough points to keep from being turned over to Duval Partners for Excellent Education, a newly formed nonprofit set up to manage the schools if the district cannot persuade the state to give them more time to help improve the schools.
Below find a complete summary of how each school changed between 2010 and 2011.

DCPS 2011 School Grades & Changes Summary

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