Cameron Foley - 2013 EDDY Finalist


Foley _Cameron



Ramona Boulevard Elementary

Grades 4-5 Reading Intervention Specialist


B.S., The University of South Carolina; Psychology






  • Mentor teacher to novice teachers
  • Directing teaching for education majors from UNF and FSCJ
  • Safety Patrol Sponsor
  • Developed adult literacy curriculum for Jacksonville Public Library

In Ms. Foley's capacity as a reading intervention specialist, she works everyday with struggling students,  something she is passionate about.  Ms. Foley's work is data driven, but she is driven by a desire to lay the foundation for success for all her students.  She speaks of her "real Job" to teach in a way that nurtures students' self-esteem and makes them believe in themselves enough to engage in the demanding work necessary day after day to catch up.  She realizes that successful experiences in elementary school provide the confidence and perseverance to meet the challenges of middle school and beyond.

By focusing not just on data, but the whole child, Ms. Foley was able to identify listening habits rather than learning disabilities as the reason for poor performance by many of her students this year.  Through intensive observation, she realized that as soon as a lesson started, students began to engage in non-productive habits.  Using strategies learned in her graduate program, Ms. Foley was able to redirect the unsuccessful habits.  She set goals and gained her students' trust, leading to great success.

People and time are two of Ms. Foley's most valuable learning tools.  She engages teaching interns, volunteers and parents in her classroom in order to reduce the adult-to-student ratio.  She offers formalized instruction time before school, during breaks and lunch periods and after school.  By using every minute possible, providing relentless encouragement and consistent encouragement, Ms. Foley successfully built a community of learners.

"Ms. Foley is the ultimate professional and has proven time and again that the welfare and academic growth of students is always her number one priority."

-La Shawn S. Russ, Principal of Ramona Boulevard Elementary School


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