Classrooms benefit from JPEF donations/grants


Today we welcome guest blogger, Blythe Benton. Blythe is a student at John N.C. Stockton Elementary school who took the time to share how PowerUP Jax, sponsored by the Community First Cares Foundation, has made a positive impact in his classroom. His teacher, Jennifer Norton, received a PowerUP Jax innovation grant to engage students in current events.

Some of the photos below show letters students wrote in response to an article about keeping wild animals as pets, a poster about a group that is working to educate people about white rhino poaching, and food products fifth grade students created after reading an article about the increasing popularity and benefits of eating bugs.

Sounds like her students had a fun year!

- Charmaine 

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Classrooms benefit from JPEF donations/grants

I think Time for Kids is a fun, educational magazine to read and learn about new things for gifted students. One thing that is cool about Time for Kids is that it talks about interesting topics that kids like. The latest issues talked about basketball and dancing. Those are two topics that kids get eager to read and learn about. 

Another thing that is cool about Time for Kids is that it has topics that can go with fun lessons and debates. Out of many activities we do in gifted, everyone likes having debates. You get to pick one side or the other and argue about it in a good way. The topics Time for Kids discusses are good for having debates.

Also, when you have a lesson planned that is about something that you like, it makes the lesson fun. In gifted class you do different things than you would do in regular class, and those two things put together make it super fun. Time for Kids makes us want to go to gifted a lot.

In gifted, we are thankful to [PowerUP Jax] for donating money to us.


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