Guest blogger: A poem by featured student Mercedes Trapp


Hi all - the always-amazing ONE in THREE student Mercedes Trapp is now our wonderful part-time Information Coordinator, but at heart, she is a poet! Check out this awesome piece that she performed at the opening event for the exhibit at the Beaches Museum & History Park on March 2.
- Deirdre

Guest blogger: A poem by featured student Mercedes Trapp

September 2011
Mark the date
The date when everybody found out her name
Her name is simple & sweet
But it also has a powerful meaning
Her name is always in somebody's mouth
But in a positive way
Even though she is only a couple months old
She has a whole lot to say
She trying to make a statement
In the city that she was made
The city that she loves and adore
But she believes that there needs to be change
She putting her foot down
And making a stand
She putting her fist in the air 
And stating "YES WE CAN"
She uses the word "we" because this is a community
And in the word "community," there the word "unity"
We unite together as one
As we make this change
This change she calls a combustion
And it will leave you looking amaze
Before I reveal her name
She will like you to know
"Thank you all for coming to this amazing show!"
Her name is...
- Mercedes Trapp

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