Meet the JPEF team: Warren Buck, Director of Teacher Leadership

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is thrilled to welcome Warren Buck to the team.


Warren Buck is a passionate educator who has been a public school teacher and principal for more than ten years, many of those right here in Duval County. We're thrilled that he'll be joining the Jacksonville Public Education Fund on July 1 as Director of Teacher Leadership, filling the big shoes of Zak Champagne. In this role, he'll steward the EDDYs Experience for teacher leaders and help JPEF deepen our focus on supporting great teaching and leadership in Title 1 elementary schools in Duval County.

Can you share a bit about your story? What moved you to be an educator?

When I was a student, I was able to get decent grades, but I never really had “that” teacher. The one that believed in me, pushed me, and inspired me, so I always did just enough to get the B without really doing all I could to fulfill my potential. I struggled quite a bit in my teens and twenties because of that, and I wanted to get into teaching to make sure that each of my students would have someone that believed in them, loved them, and who would push them.

What was your first experience with JPEF?

JPEF and I came to Jacksonville at about the same time, so we go way back! I attended all the ONE by ONE conferences and always felt so inspired to work with an organization that believed in the power of teachers and teaching as much as I did!

What do you love about teaching?

I know a lot of people go into teaching thinking, “If I can just help one student, it will be worth it!” And though that is certainly a noble sentiment, I LOVE teaching because you can truly have a profound impact on hundreds of students and families each year. That is a very satisfying feeling, and the even better part is that you have hundreds of people pouring their love and experience into you, making everything all the more enriching. It is a wonderful cycle to be a part of!

Why did you move into school leadership, and what do you think the most important role of a school leader is?

School leadership came calling because the school I led needed someone who believed deeply in teachers and who could work to bring out the best in every teacher in the school. Because I went straight from teaching to being a principal, I never forgot that the most important people in a successful school are the teachers, and it is the principal’s job to make that the overriding culture of the school. If a principal is able to establish that culture in a school, it will inevitably show up in each classroom, each day, making for a wonderful environment for children to grow and learn in.

What do you hope to bring to the EDDYs Experience?

I am very excited about continuing the evolution of the EDDYs Experience, building upon all the excellent groundwork that has been laid. I hope to extend the EDDYs Experience from one spectacular year to a career-long opportunity for growth and development for each winning teacher. I want EDDY award winners to always feel connected to the current crop of standout teachers, and to feel like the skills they learned as winners are continuing to benefit their schools and their communities every day!


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