The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is proud to open a special fund to allow community members to support public school renamings through tax-deductible donations. 

Through the School Renaming Fund, community members can make tax-deductible donations to help offset the costs of renaming the schools, which can include new signage, new paint, refinishing athletic fields and courts, and providing new uniforms to sports teams and bands. 


About School Renaming

On June 16, the Duval County School Board voted unanimously, 7-0, to begin the renaming process for six public schools whose names honor Confederate leaders: Joseph Finegan Elementary, Stonewall Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Davis Middle, Kirby-Smith Middle, J.E.B. Stuart Middle and Robert E. Lee High. And, on August 4, the School Board voted to add to the list three schools named for people tied to the marginalization of Native Americans: Jean Ribault Middle, Jean Ribault High and Andrew Jackson High. Contributions to the DCPS School Renaming Fund (a fiscal agency account, managed by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund*) would help offset the costs of renaming, if the Duval County School Board approves new names for any of the nine schools.

“Research shows students are better able to learn when they feel welcome and represented at school,” said Jacksonville Public Education Fund President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune. “JPEF plays a unique role in our community as a research-driven, independent nonprofit focused on education equity. As part of that role, we are honored to partner with Duval County Public Schools on this effort so that our community can seize this moment to make lasting change in Duval County.”

“This is an opportunity for people to demonstrate their support for this initiative by helping offset the cost,” said Warren A. Jones, chairman of the Duval County School Board. “I’m very thankful that JPEF is helping us establish this fund because it gives all corporate and individual residents an opportunity to really buy into change and progress and demonstrate that our city is truly pursuing a new future of anti-racism and appreciation for all residents.” 

Jones is the board member who initiated the process to consider new names for these six schools. The process will begin after school starts in August and is inclusive of stakeholders of each school including students, faculty and staff, alumni and residents in the school’s attendance zone.

JPEF is proud to serve as fiscal agent for Duval County Public Schools in this effort, allowing contributions to be tax-deductible through JPEF’s 501(c)3 status. JPEF will use contributions to the Fund to make grants to schools that are renamed. JPEF played a similar role when Nathan Bedford Forrest High was renamed Westside High in 2014.



If you prefer to make a contribution by check, be sure to include "DCPS School Renaming Fund" in the memo line and mail your check to:
Jacksonville Public Education Fund
40 E. Adams St. Suite 110
Jacksonville, FL 32202




*The DCPS School Renaming Fund is a fiscal agency account managed by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF). By contributing to this fund, you acknowledge that your donation is the property of JPEF for all purposes and shall not be deemed a separate trust fund held in a trustee capacity. JPEF will have the ultimate authority and control over the contribution, and any income derived therefrom. JPEF will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the use of the contribution for the designated purpose identified on this donation page. If the Duval County School Board does not approve the renaming of the schools, JPEF will identify another purpose for the funds raised that fits within the organization’s mission, vision, and charitable purpose.  

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