Student Achievement and School Facilities

June 2020: Research Brief

As a city striving for economic vibrancy and civic vitality, Jacksonville has for the last decade put public education at the top of its agenda, knowing that helping all children meet their potential will make the city stronger. For more than a year, our community has been discussing a half-penny sales tax to repair and replace our aging school buildings. Duval County has the oldest school buildings in the state of Florida, and 30% are in poor or very poor condition.

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Leadership in Focus: Choosing the Next Superintendent

April 2017: White Paper

Duval County Public Schools finds itself at a crossroads with the impending departure of Superintendent Nikolai Vitti. Following significant improvements to public education since 2012, where does Duval go from here? How will the Duval County School Board go about appointing a successor? What are some of the key factors that make for a successful superintendent search, and what are the lessons learned from previous searches? This report reviews the background of the previous search, considerations for today’s context and reviews research on what makes for a good match between school boards and superintendents.

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 To Graduation and Beyond: College and Career Readiness in Duval County

Spring 2012: In Brief

Technological advances over the last few decades have revolutionized the way we live, work and interact at an unprecedented pace. As a result, the landscape of our economy has also experienced a rapid shift in the demand for highly-skilled workers possessing at least some advanced or specialized education beyond high school. In this issue, we take a closer look at what it means to be college and career ready, and what Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) is doing to promote postsecondary readiness for all its students. We found a number of compelling statistics and critical areas of reform needed to create a strategic and supportive college access pipeline for all students in DCPS and beyond.

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School Grades

Spring 2014: In Brief

School grades were introduced in Florida in 1999, the first such A – F model for reporting on school accountability in the nation. The purpose of school grades was to make it easy for parents and citizens to understand and compare how schools were performing academically, and to compel low-performing schools to improve. In this brief, we take a closer look at how the school grades calculation formula works, identify the sources of some of the most prominent issues of confusion in recent years and offer suggestions for how to address these issues now to avoid further problems down the road.

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School Choice

Fall 2014: In Brief

The landscape of school choice options in public education has been expanding faster than ever over the past decade, nationwide and especially in Florida. With this expansion has come an unprecedented array of new decisions that parents and guardians must learn to navigate as they seek the best school for their children. Options available to students now — from traditional neighborhood schools to charter schools, virtual schools and private schools, among others — can differ greatly in terms of curriculum and testing requirements, classroom structures, application procedures, parent requirements and more. This report takes a closer look at the evolution and impact of various school choice options in Duval County.

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Reading Proficiency

Spring 2011: In Brief

In 2010, 69% of 3rd graders in Duval County Public Schools were reading on or above grade level by the end of the year. At the same time, this could be said of only 33% of our 10th graders. What is happening between elementary school and high school to cause such a drastic decline in the reading achievement levels of our students, and what can we learn from studying this trend about how to better support and improve their performance all the way through school?

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School Funding

Fall 2011: In Brief

Since 2008, significant reductions in state spending have caused serious cuts to public education in Duval County. School funding is a volatile and emotional issue, and it is complicated. In this brief, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund brings forward the facts: Duval County Public Schools does not have enough money to adequately implement state and federal mandates on top of the state constitution's requirement to provide a "uniform, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools" for all students.

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Upcoming Event

Election Day

This fall, voters will have a chance to determine the direction of our public schools through four School Board elections and a referendum on a half-penny sales tax for Duval County Public Schools.

  • Date: Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020
  • Time: 12:00AM to 11:59PM
  • Where: Your polling place
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2019 Education Poll

Support for half-penny for schools 

In JPEF's 2019 Public Perceptions Poll, the Jacksonville community said once again they would support a small tax for schools.

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Renaming Schools

You can help offset the costs of renaming six public schools that honor Confederates in their names.

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