Millennials in the Teaching Profession


March 2018: One-Pager

Teaching has largely lost its luster to the millennial generation, with declining enrollment in colleges of education across the country. According to JPEF's 2017-18 Public Education Perceptions Poll, millennials residing in Jacksonville believe, on average, that teachers deserve a significantly higher salary than community members who are 65 and older. How can education systems recruit and retain new teachers from the millennial generation? This one-pager offers three recommendations.

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2018 Teachers of the Year: Their Unique Perspective on Teacher Quality

March 2018: One-Pager

What is a high-quality teacher? From our survey of the 2017-2018 school-level Teachers of the Year, three key themes emerged to answer the question of what it means to be a high-quality educator. From their responses—a high-quality teacher should be able to (1) understand the individual needs of their students, (2) build strong relationships with students and their families and (3) drive positive academic results.

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How is Teacher Quality Measured?

January 2018: One-Pager

Teachers are the single most important school-based factor for student achievement. That is why we need high quality teachers in front of our children who are prepared to deliver high quality instruction and support. Implementing a multi-measure evaluation system that includes the appropriate evidence-based components with fidelity is the best way to get a more accurate picture of quality and the impact that teachers are having in the classroom. Student learning growth and classroom observations are two of the most critical components. Student surveys are as a strong third component for teacher evaluations.

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Patching the Pipeline: Addressing Teacher Satisfaction and Retention in Duval County

Spring 2013: Issue Brief

Clearly, identifying strategies for keeping the best teachers in our schools has emerged as a top priority from all levels of the community. The question this begs then is, what exactly do we know about what’s happening with the teachers we have now? In this report, we take a closer look at what is happening in Duval County by examining placement, movement and retention patterns of over 2,000 new teachers over the past ten years. We found that Duval County is losing on average about one of every two new teachers within the first five years of their employment.

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