Cedar Hills Elementary School

6534 Ish Brant Rd
Jacksonville , FL 32210-7051
Phone: (904) 573-1050

Principal: Ms. Marva M Mckinney

School Board District: 5
School Board Representative: Warren Jones

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Cedar Hills Elementary School Performance Data

School Grade C
Enrollment 543
Free/Reduced Lunch 100%
Charter? NO
Magnet Not a Magnet

ELA & Math Performance

School Grades (2015-2019)

ELA & Math Learning Gains

Kindergarten Readiness

Enrollment Demographics

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2019 Education Poll

Support for half-cent tax 

In JPEF's 2019 Public Perceptions Poll, the Jacksonville community said once again they would support a small tax for schools.

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Did You Know?

85.1 % of students district-wide graduated high school in 2018, a record high.

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