Saturday, October 26th
8:30 AM - 1 PM
Jessie Ball DuPont Center, 40 E. Adams Street
Breakfast and lunch will be served



We are very excited for the 2020 Teachers of the Year to join us for an exciting day of fun, learning, and community building on October 26th at 8:30am at the Jessie Ball DuPont Center!

Our day will be centered around The Opportunity Myth - a study that shows that our schools are not providing the level of rigorous, engaging instruction that students need to be successful after graduating. Teachers of the Year will be able to select a session that will help them build their skills to be a leader for growth and improvement in their school and in Duval County.

We will close the day with a Community Learning Lunch hosted by The Center for Urban Education at UNF that will explore the history of education in Duval County and the legacy of Consolidation. Lunch will end by 1pm.

To help us best plan the day, please read through the session descriptions below and complete the form at the bottom of the page. We’re excited to see you on October 26th!

TNTP: Where Do I Begin?

Participants create an action plan after they are introduced to the Student Experience Assessment Guide. They spend some time thinking about what they know about the quality of students’ experiences in their classrooms and/or schools and then build a plan to address it. They could involve planning to assess the quality of their own students’ access to the four resources OR planning to increase their students’ access to one of the resources. This session will also include some slides for district staff to consider broader questions related to equitable access to rigorous courses and the honesty of the signal’s grades send to students as well.

TNTP: How Do I Ensure My Students Consistently Feel Engaged in Their Experiences?

Participants are introduced to the research around the importance of students’ engagement, then learn about some wise interventions for increasing students’ engagement in their daily experiences.

Center for Children’s Rights: Principles of Community Conferencing

Participants will learn the why and how behind Community Conferences, a restorative practice that can be used in conflict resolution inside the classroom and out. Teachers will learn from CCR staff about the history and efficacy of Community Conferences, and will get an opportunity to witness a conference that demonstrates the effectiveness of the practice.

Yoga 4 Change: Teacher Self-Care and Mindful Breaks

Join local nonprofit, Yoga 4 Change ( to learn self-care techniques including breath, movement and self inquiry tools. These tools are used in their trauma informed curriculum to help teachers decrease stress that may come with working in a large, urban school district. Additionally, participants will learn a variety of mindfulness brain breaks that they can use with their students in the classroom to foster an environment of calm, centered learning.

Museum of Science & History (MOSH): How I Wonder What You Are: Engagement in STEM Through Inquiry and Investigation

The classroom can be an amazing place for children to ignite an interest in STEM and discover their own answers to the questions they have about the world. Join Eddie Whisler, Vice President of Education Services for some easy to implement and effective tips for leading students of all ages to investigate the world around them with genuine curiosity. (Session will take place at MOSH.)



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