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Our Thoughts on HB 7069

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund has existed since 2009 to advocate for high quality public schools in Duval County. Since our founding, we have intentionally built a Board of Directors with diverse perspectives on public education, and have sought to be an independent, thoughtful voice on education policy in Northeast Florida. Over the past few weeks, we have closely followed the development of the state budget and the various budget conforming bills, particularly House Bill 7069While the process that yielded the final bill lacked significant public input, our board has focused many hours of its time in discussion and debate over the content of the bill and we have identified those provisions that are worthy of public support and those that may need to be revisited before the bill is approved. 

New research paper looks at the vital role of the superintendency in today's context

Improving outcomes for Duval’s public school students means a brighter and more vibrant future for our city. And a strong leader for our public school system is a vital component of that. 

This Issue Review examines the last Duval superintendent search conducted in 2012 and also explores some best practices employed across the U.S. that could help the Duval County School Board as they work to appoint a successor.