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New! Mobility from Duval County neighborhood schools shows enrollment trends

WhatsNew_OpenEnrollment0414Although the implementation of an open enrollment policy throughout the district  has been  indefinitely postponed in order to gather more community input and allow for ample planning, there is still an important discussion centering upon the significant number of students moving out of their traditional neighborhood schools. Explore the current enrollment of the district and learn more about the enrollment trends.

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Valuing teachers key in Quality Education for All Fund's focused strategy

In a press conference today at Rutledge Pearson Elementary, Quality Education for All Fund Advisory Board Chairman Wayne Weaver, Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Nikolai P. Vitti and Duval County School Board members announced a portfolio of investments that span a broad range of human capital initiatives. In addition to the recruitment and retention pay incentives, the Quality Education for All Fund investments also include professional development offerings that train promising teachers to become the school leaders of tomorrow, and the recruitment of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) majors for a medical residency-style new teacher preparation program, among many other programs.

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Discover Duval Schools spotlights Wolfson High School

As an operations member of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund team, I spend most of each day at my desk, working on human resource tasks, accounting questions, and our engagement database.  So, yesterday was a special treat for me: I abandoned my desk and visited Wolfson High School through the Discover Duval Schools program.

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Plan to expand health care coverage for uninsured children

Jacksonville is among 22 cities awarded a planning grant from The National League of Cities to make significant reductions in the numbers of uninsured children. The Jacksonville Children's Commission is administering the grant with support from the Health Planning Council in creating a strategic plan to cut the number of uninsured children in Jacksonville by half.

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PowerUP Jax to be featured at Generation W and One Spark

PowerUP Jax will be featured at Generation W on Friday, April 4 and at One Spark, April 9-13. 

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