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Leadership opportunities for young girls

Gaining leadership skills is important for young girls as they academically progress from elementary, middle and high school. 

Continue reading to learn about two local nonprofits with current leadership opportunities. 


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The Florida Art Education Association names Dr. Vitti as "2014-2015 Superintendent of the Year"

Under Dr. Nikolai Vitti's leadership the district has emphasized art education with equitable funding by ensuring that 106 elementary schools have at least one full-time art and music teacher. Also, there's an art or music program in every Duval County middle or high school.

Continue reading to learn about the district's commitment to educating the whole child.

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Your vote counts — primary election races result in two recounts

This primary election, the Duval County Supervisor of Elections canvassing board examined ballots for the Duval County School Board District 2 and Florida House District 15 races.

Continue reading to learn the importance of making your voice heard.

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Behind the headlines: What the research says about English Language Learners and fluency

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 At 2.53.45 PMThe Florida Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education are at odds over when to start counting test results for students just learning to speak English. So what does the research say about how long it really takes students to become fluent in English?

Keep reading to learn more and download a short white paper on the subject.

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Primary election results are in

Check out the results of tonight's election in races for Duval County School Board.

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