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First Batch of 2016 FSA Scores Shows Duval Improvement

Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) results for English Language Arts (ELA)were released for the 3rd grade yesterday by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). This the first time that scores from the FSA, which began as the state’s official performance test in 2015, can be compared from year to year. This year’s results contained some happy news for many Duval County schools, which may be a good sign as more FSA scores are scheduled to be released over the next month or so.

Five ways you can say thanks this Teacher Appreciation Week

undefinedWe could use this blog post to outline all of the research on the crucial importance of a great teacher in the lives of students here and across the nation. We could write a book about just some of the incredible educators in Duval County who are inspiring their students and colleagues alike. Or we could just encourage you to #ThankATeacher past or present on social media (which, by the way, you should do).

But we'd like to use this occasion to ask you to go one step further. Here are five things you can do this week to make teachers a priority — not just in schools but in our community as a whole. Keep reading to see five ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Join us to celebrate teacher innovation on May 12


Educators are the most creative individuals in our community. That's the foundation behind PowerUP Jax, our initiative to put some fuel behind create teachers' ideas.

Join us to celebrate creativity in the classroom and meet some of our district's most innovative public school teachers! Keep reading to see the details and RSVP.