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Students identify mental health, inclusivity, and community partnerships as priorities at final ONE by ONE: Student Voice event

On a cold, crisp, and clear Saturday morning, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund hosted our third and final ONE by ONE: Student Voice event. The past two events left all of us inspired, challenged and motivated to continue to elevate student voices to inform the work of supporting a high quality public education system. Many districts in our country, including Duval County, are starting to use student voice to help shape their programs. Jacksonville’s students truly deserve to continue to be heard in the same way.

It's school choice season — these resources will help you get ready

undefinedIt's January, and that means parents all over Duval County are making plans for where their children — especially rising kindergarten, sixth grade and ninth grade students — will attend school next year. And with a state law taking effect next school year that creates open enrollment opportunities for all public school students, parents have even more options.

But what do parents and caregivers need to know as they start to decide what school they want their child to attend? Keep reading for some helpful tips from the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the Duval County Council of PTAs.

Community Activation: How partnerships between children and adults in the community can create brighter future

We have a shared responsibility to ensure that all of its children have the opportunity to attend high-quality public schools so that they are prepared to contribute to the city’s economic future. The road to achievement is a two-way street—there are both adults and students who can and should be educating each other and working alongside each other to create a continuous improvement feedback loop.