Duval County School Board votes to change the names of six schools named for Confederates

The vote on the six schools was 5-2 in favor of changing the names.


The names of three other schools will remain - Ribault Middle, Ribault High and Andrew Jackson High.

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School communities vote to change name of Lee High School, other Confederate named schools

Community members clearly supported changing the names of six Confederate-named schools.


The school-based votes are not binding; rather, they will serve as a source of input to Dr. Diana Greene's recommendation to the School Board, which has the final say.

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Teacher Leadership Initiative 2.0: Q&A with Warren Buck

JPEF's Teacher Leadership Initiative helps teachers bring best practices to their classrooms.


With applications now open for next year’s Teacher Leadership Initiative, we sat down with Warren Buck, JPEF Director of Teacher Leadership, to learn more about the pilot year and what he’s looking forward to next year.

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JPEF President: Place student voice at the center of school renaming

The JPEF Board of Directors voted to support school renaming.


On May 12, 2021, JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune sent a letter to Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene and the Duval County School Board about renaming Confederate schools.

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School Renaming: JPEF calls for student voice to be at the center of school renaming

JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune sent a letter to the School Board and Superintendent following a vote by the JPEF Board of Directors.


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President’s Corner: Reflecting on High School Graduation in a Pandemic

JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune shares her thoughts as the parent of a senior.

High school graduation has been a recurring theme in the life of JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune. In a new Q&A, Rachael shared what high school graduation means to her, and offered some words of inspiration for fellow parents who are w ...Read More

Half-penny sales tax will go on the ballot in fall 2020

Education advocates reacted to the news by saying they'll support the sales tax.

“This is a long-awaited historic moment in Duval County,” said JPEF President Rachael Tutwiler Fortune. “Our students need 21st century schools, and our independent research has shown that 78.5 percent of Duval County residents support ...Read More

Education Innovator Speaks in Jacksonville about What Students Need to Succeed in the 21st Century

JPEF also celebrated 10 years of impact and launched a new School Leadership Initiative.

Dr. Tony Wagner, an internationally acclaimed author and education innovator, shared a thought-provoking message about the future of education with more than 350 education and community leaders today as the keynote speaker of the Jacksonville Publ ...Read More




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2018-2019.