2016 School Board Elections Coalition forms to educate community


Guest blogger Latasha Myers is an intern at the Jacksonville Public Education Fund for the summer. She is working with coalition partners to make the public aware of the Duval County School Board Elections and inform the community about the candidates that are running.

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2016 School Board Elections Coalition forms to educate community

Local school board elections play an important role in children’s education that’s why the Jacksonville Public Education Fund is working with more than 20 nonprofit organizations in Duval County as part of a coalition to connect the public with information about the candidates running in their district.

The Duval County school board in particular is the official policy-making body for all education-related issues in Duval County Public Schools. With this in mind, we think it’s vital that all community members have a voice in education by voting in school board elections on August 30th,  and early voting begins August 15th.   

The School Board 2016 coalition’s website will provide information about the elections, candidates running in districts 5 and 7, and key issues facing public schools in Duval County. The coalition’s goal is to promote increased participation in this year’s school board elections and educate citizens about their choices.

Some of the coalition activities to keep a watch for are candidate forums and responses to a candidate questionnaire, as well other promotions and news. All of the participating organizations are nonpartisan and have pledged not to support or endorse any specific candidate.

We are here to arm you, parents and community members, with information so you can make an informed choice for children in your community.

2016 Candidates for School Board Election Are:

District 5:

Bradford Hall
Warren Jones
Brenda A. Jordan
Hank Rogers

District 7:

Melody Bolduc
Stacie Dern
Lori Hershey
Greg Tison
Barbara Toscano
John Turner

Remember: Kids can’t vote, but you can!





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