2017 Florida Teacher of the Year inspires, empowers Duval teachers


Quality public education produces the best opportunities for students to reach their goals and become meaningful contributors to our city. Based on my experiences as an educator, I believe that having a great teacher is the single most important factor in student success. This is why we are committed to celebrating and growing the capacity of our 177 school-level Teachers of the Year by connecting them with opportunities for professional learning and networking.

2017 Florida Teacher of the Year shares the value of a "Growth Mindset" with Duval teachers

Florida Teacher of the Year, Jessica Solano

Jessica Solano, 2017 Macy's Florida Teacher of the Year, shared with our teachers the research behind an emerging idea in education: growth mindset. Solano explained that knowledge is not a fixed trait, and is instead something that can grow and change over time. Solano further shared that with a growth mindset, teachers are free to make and learn from mistakes. Mistakes are truly something to be celebrated in our classrooms, and we all get better when we embrace and learn from them.

Solano also encouraged teachers to set “gutsy goals” and to have “high expectations” for each and every student. She encouraged Teachers of the Year to help their students employ a growth mindset and to encourage their colleagues to do the same.

Teach of the Year Ceremony

Here’s what a few of Duval's school-level Teachers of the Year had to say after the program:

“I loved this program! It’s always nice to see things implemented in the classroom based on research.”

“I enjoyed the hands-on and getting to meet with other teachers and the ability to just enjoy the wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all that you do for us.”

When teachers are provided with meaningful professional learning experiences, their students benefit. In an exit survey, 100 percent of the teachers who responded agreed that “the information they received about growth mindset will impact their teaching practices.” Additionally, 100 percent of the teachers who responded agreed that “they felt inspired listening to Solano.”

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