9 things you can do to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week



Today marks the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week! If you’re a parent, guardian or community member, this is a great time to make the week special for teachers. Our teachers do a remarkable job inspiring students to reach higher academically. The good work that teachers do are often beyond grading papers — they’re mentors, role models, counselors, friends and advocates for public education.  

Here’s a couple of ways you can show appreciation to the special teachers in your life:

  1. Kickstart the week by having your child give their teacher a delicious, shiny red apple!

  2. Have your child create a hand-crafted appreciation card with words that describe the teacher.

  3. Have your child create a nice painting of their favorite part of class with their teacher.

  4. Give a small gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant to your favorite teacher.

  5. Purchase supplies or resources that are needed for your child’s classroom.

  6. Make a simple goodie bag of power snacks or candy for the teacher’s desk.

  7. Call or email one of your past teachers to share your appreciation of a special time they made a difference in your life.

  8. Go on our Facebook page and share a special graphic showing your support with a story about a teacher who influenced your life.

  9. Stop by one of your neighborhood schools and drop off balloons or another token of appreciation in the front office for all the teachers!

Want more ideas? Visit National PTA for more creative ideas to show your appreciation.

I’m a member of the Merrill Road Elementary School Advisory Council, and at our last meeting we brainstormed ways we could show our appreciation for the teachers. We were encouraged to do something for every MRE staff member — including the custodians. So collectively, the SAC will be providing bagels for the staff tomorrow to say thanks for their hard work!

To all our teachers, thank you for all that you do every day to prepare our city’s children for the future! Consider joining local public school educators for the Teacher Roundtable on Saturday, May 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Teacher Roundtable is a special event for public school teachers, designed for educators and led by educators.  Brunch will be served. Learn more and register for this event, which is exclusively for Duval County public school teachers.

Are you a public education advocate? We’d love to hear how you showered local teachers with gifts of appreciation this week — write a guest post for our blog about your favorite teacher, or something you are doing for Teacher Appreciation Week. Find out how you can become a guest blogger today!





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