All three School Board races are headed to a runoff


Voters will elect three School Board members in the November elections, after no candidate won a majority the primary election last night. A crowded field split the vote in competitive races in the Beaches, the Northside, and the Westside. Below is a summary of the results for the top two candidates in each district, according to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections.

District 2: Elizabeth Andersen vs. Nick Howland

Elizabeth Andersen, a former Duval educator and mental health professional, secured 22 percent of the vote, while Nick Howland, a local businessman, secured 31 percent of votes cast.

District 4: Cynthia Smith vs. Darryl Willie

Cynthia Smith, an early learning center owner and former teacher, got almost 19 percent of the vote, while Darryl Willie, the current Executive Director of Teach for America - Jacksonville, secured 39 percent of the votes.

District 6: Dave Chauncey vs. Charlotte Joyce

Dave Chauncey, a local attorney, led a close race with Charlotte Joyce, who works at Joseph Stillwell Military Academy of Leadership. Chauncey had 26.08 percent of the primary vote; Joyce had the slight edge with 26.15 percent of the vote.

Notes on Turnout

Turnout in the last School Board election, in 2016, was 29.3 percent in the Duval County primary. Turnout this year was slightly down from 2016, at 28.13 percent. Still, more people voted overall, because voter registration was up from 2016. There were 165,560 votes in the 2016 primary and 166,600 this year.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund has been working to educate School Board candidates and make information available to the public to make an informed decision. To learn more about the candidates in the November general election, please visit the School Board page.




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