Consortium of Florida Education Foundations Board welcomes JPEF President


The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF) recently elected Trey Csar, President of Jacksonville Public Education Fund, as a Member-at-Large. CFEF is a membership organization for Florida’s district-wide local education foundations with 63 member foundations and 1,100 volunteer board members, collectively.

The CFEF raises more than $63 million annually to support students, teachers and schools through a variety of programs.

Since our founding in 2009, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund has been a member of the CFEF which seeks to maximize the individual and collective strength of Florida local education foundations to support local partners and schools.

We are, in many ways living up to our obligations to Jacksonville’s children and our city by acting together. There’s more to do, but through strong leadership and with local and state partners, Jacksonville continues to be a driver for positive change. Csar is one of five statewide members, along with three statewide officers, who govern the CFEF.

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