Guest Post: Here's why you should attend the Third Annual ONE by ONE Convention


I get so excited reflecting on previous ONE by ONE Conventions. For the third year, hundreds of diverse community members will be allowed the opportunity to have their voices be heard. We will all be in the same room, with one common goal in mind; to move public education forward in our city.

If you're on the fence about attending, let me help push you off the fence. This convention and the ONE by ONE campaign have kick-started Jacksonville to becoming an education reform mecca. It's the very thing that has and will continue to mobilize our community around a common vision. It's a unique opportunity to not just talk about the state of public education in our city but actively participate in a movement so important. It's where you should be on January 31st. ( Apply here!)

As a former ONE in THREE student and one of the emcees for the day, I can't stress enough how this movement has changed my life. It encompasses the age old saying, "it takes a village." This is truly my village, my family and what will make a difference in more than just my life. This is our time to make a difference.

At City Year we say: "Don't Tinker, Seek Powerful Solutions." When something is not working, be careful not to censor your own thinking by assuming that certain solutions are not possible or  are too "radical." Ask yourself, "If I could do exactly what I thought was needed here, what would I do?" More than 90 percent of the time, the "powerful" solution can be implemented.

Come to the convention and share those powerful solutions and experience what is promised to be a powerful meeting of the minds.

-- Allishia Bauman
Community Advisory Team member





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