In the spotlight: Wells Fargo Finalist Joshua Diaz


Wells Fargo Finalist Joshua Diaz teaches fifth grade mathematics and science at Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary School. He says that his students “refuel” him, inspiring and amazing him each and every day. He believes that building strong relationships is key to student and school success. In his first year teaching science, Mr. Diaz’s students met the high expectations he had for them and himself. His class achieved 80 percent proficiency on the 2018 NGSS science FCAT, which was among the top 10 in the district. Mr. Diaz’s work goes far beyond the classroom. Last year, Mr. Diaz decided to start up a student council at Hogan-Spring Glen so that students could share ideas and have a voice, as well as provide input on how to address some of the school’s most challenging needs, such as increasing parent and community involvement.

A glimpse into Mr. Joshua Diaz's classroom

If chosen as 2019 Florida Blue Duval County Teacher of the Year, what will your message be?

“Student success is the result of building strong relationships with students, and likewise, school success is the result of building strong relationships with the community. Relationships are the critical piece that our students and schools need to be successful. If teachers are authentic in building relationships with their students, we see sustainable growth, student success, a love for learning and the formation of life- long learners. When schools are authentic in relationship building with the community, the entire community rallies behind their schools and we see strong Parent Teacher Associations, more parent-led initiatives, in- creased fundraising capacity, high volunteer enrollment, and community pride. Our students deserve a high quality education and our communities deserve high quality schools that should serve as pillars of success and pride.”

Why Hogan-Spring Glen Principal Charlene T. James nominated him

"Mr. Diaz does not work or serve for awards or accolades, but simply to inspire and impact all those he interacts with daily. His enthusiasm, love and passion for teaching students and colleagues are displayed and felt throughout the building. He maintains a flexible classroom environment where he is firm but fair, yet maintaining relationships. The expectations are clearly communicated and consistent to all learners. He has a flexible mindset and holds himself to high standards. Mr. Diaz has a calling on his life and that calling is teaching. He teaches students to respect themselves and others while striving for academic excellence.”

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