Interest in education remains in the public agenda


Around 100 people gathered at Jean Ribault High School on May 20th to learn more about the Center for Urban Education and Policy (CUEP)'s mission and vision. CUEP is part of the College of Education and Human Services at the University of North Florida (UNF).

The meeting took place two years after the creation of CUEP and it included several students, teachers, community leaders and community members who were excited to discuss about urban education, how to develop and retain effective teachers and educational leaders as well as how to strengthen relationships between UNF and local communities.

CUEP blog post

Participants in the meeting engaged in several table discussions around those issues and were excited to learn that their opinions were included in the strategic plan of the Center. Students' voices were highly appreciated by participants. At the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, we are excited to find new opportunities to keep our partnership with CUEP, especially regarding the engagement with communities in the urban core.

The mission of the CUEP is to "understand and address issues of poverty and structural racism in education and advance opportunities for everyone to succeed. Our mission is based on understanding urban education as an evolving concept that adapts to the needs of students, families, communities and school facing multiple challenges."


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