Jacksonville Public Education Fund team spends morning volunteering with local nonprofit, Dignity U Wear


Last week, JPEF employees spent the morning volunteering at Dignity U Wear’s warehouse located on Myrtle Ave. Dignity U Wear focuses on one thing: procuring new clothes and delivering them at the right time to the people for whom it will make the most difference. The local nonprofit concentrates its efforts on  school children, veterans and women or girls in crisis. Dignity U Wear’s interest in removing a barrier to education by providing new clothing to school children intersects with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s (JPEF) core belief that all students can achieve at high levels when provided with high-quality instruction and support

“JPEF currently serves the community by informing and mobilizing them to act on issues surrounding public education. This was an opportunity for us to serve the community in a different capacity by addressing another challenge to receiving a high-quality education that exists beyond the reach of schools,” remarked Kimberly Allen, Research Analyst and member of JPEF’s Climate and Culture Committee which organized the service day.

As JPEF employees spent time folding and sorting new clothing, both organizations discussed ideas on how to use one another’s strengths to help each organization’s mission. For example, Dignity U Wear would like to work more directly with the school district to distribute its clothing. JPEF staff was able to share helpful tips on working with the district and share some of its contacts within the district who may be willing and able to help Dignity U Wear move forward with its goals.

While many shirts, pants and skirts were folded that morning, we also walked away with a deeper understanding of Dignity U Wear’s mission as they did ours. The JPEF team is looking forward to planning its next service day later this year.




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