Jason Bloom, an example of discipline and determination


Jason Bloom is currently the principal at Ed White High School, implementing a new military leadership program. He was selected as Ed White's principal due to his success implementing similar programs as principal at the recently transformed Joseph Stillwell Military Academy of Leadership. 

Bloom has been leading Ed White since 2015 and has received great support both from the community as well as the veteran teachers in the school. He recognizes that school success depends greatly on having the right leadership style to work with all stakeholders as part of one team.

His discipline and determination have taken him very far in life. The fact that he dropped out from school when he was a teenager is a connecting point with his students at Ed White High School.

“Students hated me at the beginning, but I have created an environment that protects learning, and they appreciate that,” said Bloom.

His military experience with the U.S. Navy and his credentials in Educational Leadership have been two of his greatest assets to succeed at Joseph Stillwell and at Ed White, both schools that are located in the west side of town.


The job of a principal, as Bloom describes it, is a lifestyle that is never limited to the classroom. He constantly attends football and basketball games to support his “kids” in all possible ways.

“I’m happy Dr. Vitti kept me in this area of town because it brings stability in the leadership,” Bloom commented.

Bloom really likes to take big challenges and brings structures that support learning. His days at school regularly start at 6:00 a.m. and are full of adrenaline. He is committed to supporting his teachers and students and willing to go an extra mile to see them succeed.

“Change is uncomfortable, and most people are scared of change. But you have to trust the process,” Bloom established.

He is confident that under his leadership and with his great team Ed White will achieve excellence and make the community proud.






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