JPEF Board Member reflects on Deutsche Bank Financial Literacy Day


JPEF Board Member Kevin Dooley is a business executive with 20 years of experience across different industries and geographies. During his 18 years with Deutsche Bank, Kevin has held a variety of human resources and communications roles around the world and has supported many of Deutsche Bank’s business lines. 

Quickly becoming an annual event and a shining example of how our business sponsorships can fully integrate into our work, Deutsche Bank held a financial literacy day with Michael Bostic-Jones's students from Raines High School last week.  The event was extremely well-received; Kevin Dooley, a member of Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s (JPEF), had the privilege to share his professional knowledge with Raines students. Here is what Dooley had to say about the experience:

How did you meet Michael Bostic-Jones and why was the financial literacy program brought to Raines?

We met him during the 2017 Teacher of the Year awards ceremony. He was a finalist and Deutsche Bank was his sponsor. During the awards ceremony, we agreed to do a follow-up meeting to see how we could work together to make bring the banking experience to his kids in his classroom.

From your perspective, is Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF) powering the potential of Duval County Public Schools teachers and of students in the community by facilitating these connections? How?

Absolutely! JPEF gives the teachers something they don’t get in their day-to-day, which is a reason and a space to connect, collaborate and bring new, productive things into their classrooms. Being involved with JPEF for two years, I can see how the teachers build their networks and work with people they would never have met through their normal day-to-day. Frankly speaking, that is my main reason for supporting JPEF.

What was the best part about participating in the financial literacy program? or What did you learn about public education from participating that you did not know before?

Helping the students to “see it, so they can be it." Education is a tricky business with many stakeholders, and the teachers are the ones who can help the students navigate the path to becoming a productive member of society.




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