Keep learning during winter break — here's how


Winter Break Packet

Today is the last day of school before winter break in Duval County Public Schools. But the school district and community partners are teaming up to ensure that students keep learning while school is out.

This year's break is a bit longer than usual - more than two weeks - because of unused weather days built into the calendar. That's time that students can either progress academically, or fall behind.

Research suggests that students who continue to work while on school breaks and vacations maintain their academic progress made during the school year, according to Duval County Public Schools. That's why they are providing winter packets to students and parents to continue enriching the academic success of all students while school is out.

You can find these downloadable packets by grade level and subject here.

Library Winter Break Screen Shot

In addition to these activities that students can do at home, there are plenty of activities being offered during the holidays by the Jacksonville Public Library! Click here for a reading list and a listing of all the different craft, learning and fun events specifically for children and teens happening at the libraries during winter break.

Looking for other activities you can do at home? Check out the resources page of School Facts Jax, where you can find an array of online enrichment activities for your student.

And if you're looking for winter camps for your child to attend, has a great list here.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund wishes all teachers, students, parents and guardians a safe, educational and happy winter holiday! 




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