Local teacher shares appreciation of community support through PowerUP Jax


I used the funds from PowerUP Jax to purchase an Indoor Greenhouse for my students in the Science Lab.  Students are able to understand the germination process as they watch the seeds grow. They are very excited because they will be able to follow the growth of their plants as they are transferred to the brand new outdoor garden and outdoor classroom, which will be called the Serenity Garden.  In addition to the Indoor Greenhouse, I was able to buy a digital camera to document the Serenity Garden. 


I wanted to express my extreme gratitude for the generous donations through PowerUPJax.  With donations, I was able to purchase an Indoor Seedling Starter Kit for the classroom that will hold up to 33 seedlings and comes complete with frame and lighting.  In addition, I am pushing our school closer to becoming a STEAM School by purchasing a camera with video functions so that I can begin my portfolio for submission.  The microphone I purchased will plug directly into my computer, which will work with Audacity.com.  This will allow students to visually see sound waves through the classroom projector.  I can't wait to share this awesome site with everyone!  Again, thank you so much for being a part of my journey as I lead our school into the STEAM program.

"I'm very excited about this program and how much it has helped me take my project from paper to construction.  Next year, I hope to raise more funds to enhance the garden and expand the love for gardening to the students and the community of Oceanway Elementary School.  This is such a great program and it is very easy to use.  Thank you, PowerUP Jax!"

Mrs. DeBellis, Science Lab Teacher
Oceanway Elementary School




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