Jessica Sales, Normandy Village Elementary School


Jessica Sales has been a Duval County public school principal for more than 5 years and has more than 15 years of overall educational experience.

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What is your leadership philosophy?

It is important to not always lead in front of but alongside your team. Your team is most motivated when they know that the leader is willing to buckle down and support them by helping them to get the work done together!  

What do you like best about being a school principal?

I love sharing in the aha moments with students and staff...whether it is seeing a student celebrate learning a new skill in class or a teacher understanding how to teach the students that skill.  As a lifelong learner, I love to see learning take place because of all of the hard work and heart work that goes into what we do for students.

You have been involved in JPEF’s School Leadership Initiative. Why is it important to you to continue to learn and develop your skills and what has been the most valuable aspect of the initiative to you?

I recognize that I must remain in a constant state of learning orientation so that I can have the greatest positive impact on my school community. Participating in the JPEF School Leadership Initiative has been invaluable to me because it has allowed me to access new knowledge that aligns to the present climate of our education system and our city. The work that the SLI has engaged us with has helped me to guide my school, empower my students and staff, engage my parents on a deeper level, and to achieve progress at this point of my leadership journey. I have come a long way since year one of the SLI and I am grateful to JPEF for providing me with the connections and opportunities that I have engaged in over the past three years.




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