Notes from the Twin Lakes Academy Town Hall Meeting


Many thanks to those of you who attended the Town Hall Meeting at Twin Lakes Academy Middle with School Board Vice Chairman Fel Lee on March 15. A few pictures below.

Notes from the Twin Lakes Academy Town Hall Meeting

Notes from the Twin Lakes Academy Town Hall Meeting 1

Here at JPEF, we wanted to provide on this site the notes taken by our staff as well as the questions - answered and those that have yet to be answered.
This post contains the notes as well as the questions that were answered at the meeting. There wasn't time to get to all of them, so we are working on answering the questions that were submitted but did not receive an answer.
Apologies in advance for the very long blog post - if you would rather just download a PDF copy of the notes by clicking here. All points are from Fel Lee unless otherwise indicated.
-- Deirdre
•          Superintendent Search
           Transparent process
          Community to guide what we want in an education system and a superintendent
           Preliminary ground work
           3 dates for envisioning committee
           Need community to provide potential will to make change
           Consensus in committee will move superintendent search forward
•          FCAT Cut Scores
           Reason it's happening is to increase rigor
           High school proficiency has not been college ready
           # of F schools across Florida will go up
           Like moving the goal post mid-game
•          Paul Soares, Chief Operations Officer:
           Responding to recent events at Episcopal High
           70 sworn law enforcement officers
           Work closely with JSO
           Provided # for parents to call
•          Duval County Advocacy PTA Council won DC award for advocacy
           Parent trigger law- parents and advocates defeated it
           ESE and SLL take alternative test
           Need parents to be involved in learning and advocating on these issues
           Will send legislative wrap-up
•          Charters - legislators are thinking about taking capital dollars and giving them to charters
•          How will FCAT affect teacher morale?
           Child will have to work harder to get a 3
           Teachers that are related to context of FCAT will be affected
           End of course goes into effect - Algebra I
           Biology/geology this year
           US History next year (and Civics)
           3rd graders must score above Level 1 to go to 4th grade
           Cast SB 736- 50% of teacher evaluation
           Succession planning - better way to build a leadership pipeline
          Superintendent Evaluation System - to be similar to teacher evaluation system (30-40% data from FLDOE)
          Morale - Teachers workload- task force of principal, teachers, DTU on reduction
•          Is it possible to get a new Superintendent by July 1?
           Not by being transparent and following a thorough process
           Great opportunity for Jacksonville - encouraged by great employees, major education stakeholders getting in the game. Are we willing to have the worst high school in Florida? No. Starting to row together.
•          City Year - $6 million in private sector investment, peer to peer support
•          $100 million in reserves
           Difference between a reserve and rollover
           Required by the state to keep 3% (ie, $30 million)
           Collectively we did not do a good job of transparency
           Nothing done wrong, it was by purpose
           Covers 2 ½ years of increases only
           100% of the budget allocation- will have cash on hand for 100% of budget
           DCPS is 2nd largest employer in Jax
           Perfect storm
           EduJobs $26 million (stimulus) moved into rollover to continue EduJobs
           Board has two employees - superintendent and auditor
•          Magnet vs. Neighborhood - If not in military don't have opportunities to get in. Academically talented Twin Lakes Middle not challenging enough.
           Solved with putting acceleration in high schools - next is middle schools
•          Cheryl Riddick, Director of Community & Family Engagement
          Improved volunteer process on
         Opportunities through Read it Forward





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