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When we work together, we can create positive change in every corner of our community. As I have visited schools and talked to local students, teachers and parents over the past few months, I have received many inquiries about how to engage with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF) in ways that are meaningful, purposeful and work toward a concrete goal.

How can students and young professionals engage with Duval County Public Schools to gain an understanding of various issues such as teacher recruitment and retention, school leadership, parental/caregiver engagement? How can the community be involved in gathering input and data toward improving important elements of the public school system? How do we build strong advocates by activating neighborhood voices to support public schools and elevating teachers in our communities?

These are questions I’ve received teachers, parents, and students during my time at JPEF, and if you are interested in joining our efforts to answer these questions and make an impact in your community, then the Public Ed Ambassador programis for you. High school sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as teachers, parents/caregivers and community members and leaders are encouraged to apply.

Now more than ever, we need Ambassadors in every corner of our city who will promote and support high-quality public education for every child in Jacksonville. Why? Because public schools belong to the people in our community.

"One person can change the course of another's life and we wish to be the detour to a better route than the one they are focusing on...Being engaged in community efforts set the stage for information to be disseminated to families who could benefit from knowing of their choices. We will also have the opportunity to recruit more parents and guardians as well as students to continue the efforts and advocate for others. " Sol Wynter, Parent

"Volunteering several times for the Student Voice conversations were a really rewarding experience...I believe that this role will give me the opportunity to expand on an idea I have brought upon on a recent meeting to being able to incorporate different language meetings into schools to provide non-speaking English parents the opportunity to be involved in their children's schools and stay up to date." Danela Olivero, Student at Paxon

Public Ed Ambassadors will:

  • Share stories of the impact teachers are having each and every day in individual lives.
  • Support events to elevate excellent teachers and thank them for the years of service they have given to countless individuals in Jacksonville.
  • Gather public input for research around teacher and school leader quality and the importance of parent and caregiver engagement in the lives of children.
  • Build community partnerships and lifelong relationships.

Apply to be a Public Ed Ambassador today at! Applications close Oct. 2.

For questions, please contact me, Kris Estanga, at I will provide you with valuable information about orientation, opportunities to get involved and exclusive Public Ed Ambassador events.




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.