PowerUP Jax Lightning Round winner to receive additional award for classroom project


Congratulations to Bethany Patel from John Stockton Elementary School for winning the PowerUP Jax Lightning Round! She will receive an additional $150 to support her classroom project! We gave the community a chance to read the projects of the 20 winners from the Fall 2016 PowerUP Jax cycle, and vote for the one they found most innovative and impactful. After a total of 5,400 votes were collected from the community, Bethany’s Wonderful Wonderbot project came out on top with a total of 2,074 votes!

Patel’s project introduces her students to robotics, digital literacy and coding. Through the Wonderful Wonderbot project, students in her third grade classroom will experience how computer programs can be used to communicate with robots. As Patel described her in project proposal.

“In the future, many careers will require our students to know the language of code. Which is why I’m making it my mission to introduce my third graders to digital literacy.”

In addition to her students gaining experience working with technology and robotics first hand, they will also gain invaluable knowledge of engineering, algorithms, and problem solving skills.  Patel believes that with this knowledge, her students will have tools to keep up with our increasing technological environment. She explained that this project “…will allow {her} students to learn the language of the future.”

If you would like to learn more about Bethany’s project, please click here to read her full project proposal. To read the additional 19 creative and innovative Fall 2016 PowerUP Jax project winners, click here.

The most important in-school factor in the quality of a student’s education is the quality of the teacher in the classroom.Thank you to all of the voters in the community who voted for their favorite project and played a role in supporting innovative educators in Duval County!





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