9th Annual NEFL Advocacy Training: New partnerships, inspiring stories and tips for success


The Jacksonville Public Education Fund was honored to partner with Healthy Start Coalition, the Jacksonville Kids Coalition and United Way of Northeast Florida and the Jacksonville Children's Commission for the 9th Annual Advocacy Training on November 10.  

That's why we're excited to share Erin Addington of Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition summary of their annual advocacy workshop held each year for child-serving agencies in the region. We're thankful for meaningful collaborations that will help volunteers and nonprofit professionals become better advocates.


Before she began her teaching career, Kifimbo Holloway-Parnell was working at a catering event for the Special Olympics. She watched several people take the time to feed dessert to one of their disabled colleagues who wasn’t able to feed himself, doing so before even eating their own. It was a turning point, she told the audience of non-profit professionals and volunteers at the 2015 NEFL Advocacy Training on November 10.

“What good is my time, my talent, my ingenuity, my money, if it wasn’t used to help someone who couldn’t help themselves?” the 2015 Duval County Teacher of the Year asked.

The advocacy workshop is held each year for child-serving agencies in the region in preparation for the state legislative session. Co-hosted each year by the Healthy Start Coalitionthe Jacksonville Kids Coalition and United Way of Northeast Florida, the event welcomed two new partners this year: the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the Jacksonville Children’s Commission.

To continue reading Erin's highlights including the additional training focused on teen advocacy with a keynote from Faith Febus, Westside High representative of the Jacksonville Association of Governing Students (JAGS), visit nefhealthystart.org!


Erin Addington

Marketing, Communications & Outreach Director

Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition




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