Resources for teachers, parents and principals during coronavirus crisis


Educators and parents are working hard to keep kids learning during the coronavirus crisis. Here are some resources that can help everyone be advocates for public education during this difficult time.

For teachers

TNTP: Resources for learning at home when schools close. Our favorite tip: “Reading is everything. If nothing else, make sure students have access to high-quality texts (fiction and nonfiction), and stress that reading should happen every day.”

Teaching Tolerance: A trauma-informed approach to teaching through coronavirus

Math Nation: This University of Florida resource is available for free during the coronavirus crisis. 

Education Week: Free online learning resources for teachers

While at home: Free online tools for educators

For parents

Duval HomeRoom - This is where daily updates from the District are now being shared, and where virtual learning is facilitated (there are also links here for the lunch schedule (pick-up and delivery), mental health resources, and chat resource)

Florida Department of Education Resources for Families: This is an exhaustive list of resources, including everything from tips for making your home literacy-friendly, to educational programming on TV, to where to find discounted internet access and how to keep your college students busy.

Step Up for Students, a Florida organization that oversees school vouchers, also has a great list of resources.


WJCT has launched online resources and educational programming on TV for kids of all ages.

For principals

The National Association of Elementary School Principals has compiled resources by category - be sure to check out the Department of Education resource list.

Kids Hope Alliance: Resources for families and providers, including food, internet access and small business support.

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy: Educational Toolkit for At-Home Learning

Khan Academy: This top online learning resource now also features free daily schedules for learners of all levels.





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